Saturday.March 24.2018     
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* Cleans grease fittings and bearings
* Uses penetrating oil and hydraulic pressure
* Sold to many Bobcat owners
* Reduces down time
* Sold in 48 states and 2 foreign countries
* Much cheaper than new bearings!
* One Year Warranty with normal use

The Grease BusterTMis the answer to a problem that many
people have lived with for a long time. Plugged up grease
fittings and bearings are a problem common in machinery.
One greases a machine and the grease can dry out before the
machine is used again. The tool consists of a heavy-duty
adjustable hydraulic coupler, cylinder and a piston with a
knob.You remove the piston, fill the cylinder by pouring in
a penetrating oil, start the piston back into the cylinder,
place the tool onto the grease fitting and by tapping the
piston, force the solvent into the fitting and or bearing.
This can be repeated if necessary.

A gentleman from North Dakota wrote,“Wow! Just read
about your Grease Buster in my Farm Show magazine. For
years I have dreamt about such a tool.” Farm Show
described the tool as “maybe the handiest tool since the
adjustable wrench.”We find when we receive an order from
a small town that within a week or so we receive a flurry of
orders from the same small town - word of mouth advertising
is the best! At trade shows I often hear,“I bought one of
those last year. This year I want to get one for a friend, or
dad or my brother.”

Try the Grease BusterTM.
It’s a great tool!